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Jean Crisis 2014

Okay, so you grab your favorite pair of jeans that you have had since the dawn of time, and all of the sudden, they don't fit over your things. Regardless of how many "strong is the new skinny" articles you've seen on social media, you will most likely feel that little pang of anger or fear that your back to where you started before all those thrusters. I like to call this a "Jean Crisis". PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: Before you sprial down the staircase or self-doubt and quit your crossfit program, remember these few things: 1. You chose an exercise program that you ENJOY: What kind of workout will get you up in the morning? Is it a step class, treadmill? For most of you, probably not. For most of you, its going to be working on new skills and settings NEW PR's while competing with your friends and enjoying blood-punping workouts. If you enjoy it, thats enough reason to do it! 2. It's not YOU, its THEM-Your jeans were created for someone who is not as strong as you and for someone less capable (honest truth). You joined a gym that promotes acitivies that go against the social norm. This is what we all LOVE about CrossFit. Not everything we were told on social media, or in YM Magizine is true. It's not profitable to cater to a unique shape, so don't let your newfound strength and power be undermined by and industry who are aimed for profit. CrossFit is our gateway to understanding that there is a whole new world out there that media, fashion and entertainment have yet to stick their paws into. 3. Don't run away from unique- Allow yourself to take a step away from influence of society and so something that is true to YOU. Lifting heavy weights all the time is certainly unique. Now that you have the oppurtunity to be different, are you going to turn the other way? I dare you, challenge yourself! Turn or external voices and center yourself with the ones that mater, YOUR OWN. Ladies, Gentlemen. Don't force yourself to fit a pair of pants. Turn this "Jean Crisis 2014" into a celebrationg of commitment to your authenic self! By: Allison Truscheit (CFL-1)


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