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Breaking the Mental Barrier and Don't be AFRAID of the Weight.

The Mind is a POWERFUL thing. It can get you through the good times, and well the tought times. Strong individuals aren't necessarly the ones who's Max Lifts are in the higher digits. Strong individuals are the ones who learn how to handle and control their mind when it starts to rant or race. The WEAK are the ones who let those voices OWN them! To prevent this from happening, remember the following: ONE MORE REP when that voice comes inside of our head saying to put the barbell down, go against it, fight back and give ONE MORE REP. The more you practice this you will notice that you start to own that voice and can control it a lot better over time. SMALL GOALS Throughout the workout have small goals inside your head. These will eventually add up to bigge goals, for example; The next round I will perform HSPU off the box and take my time, rather than rush through "stink bugs" at a quicker pace. Also if the workout calls for 50 thrusters my first goal might be to connect 5 together and then the next round, maybe try 6 reps unbroken. This is when that voice over of "ONE MORE REP" comes into play! BREAK THROUGH THE WALL Your BODY can always handle more than your MIND can. Show that little voice in your head, who is BOSS! WHEN THE WEIGHT BECOMES HEAVY Fear is the most natural feelings human beings feel when things get tough, or heavy. It's our bodies way to tell us we are about to walk out of the comfort zone and into a grey area. Instead of putting on your breaks, break through and let the adrenaline rush become a green light and go full throttle. Each time you come upon the barbell, each movements needs to be done with a specific purpeose. Movement #1: Chalk Up (break in with confidence and breath out the doubt!) Movement #2: Stand face to face with your fear (the barbell) (Imagine yourself completing the lift with the barbell in the finishing position aiding by the BIGGEST smile on your face) Movement #3:Walk up to the Bar. (Pump yourself up with some motivational words, NOT NEGATIVE WORDS) Movement #4: Grab the Bar with PURPOSE (be in control) Movement #5: JUST LIFT! Drill those movements and routine into your head and make this a muscle memory skit you perform everytime before you approach that barbell or movement. Practice, makes PROGRESS.

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