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Don't be too Hard on Yourself

You didn't PR today? That's ok! Don't fall into a deep dark place and get upset with yourself. We must remind ourselves that hitting a PR SHOULD not be the ultimate goal for your CrossFit exerpereice. It should be about enjoying the every day processes and overcoming the small obstacles that you might have pushed to the side! Instead of getting upset, go back and go back to the drawing board. See what it is that you can do differenly or capitalize one to help you with the specific movement. Focus on the speed, strength, mobility and just overal body mechanics that is required for that certain movement and go from there. Next time you attempt this movement, you will know what stopped you before and overcome the bigger obstacle. Along the way, celebrate those other victories, big or small! Unfortunately our worlds is comprised of test oriented tasks such as standardized tests, credit scores, bar exams, etc. However these tests never give the individual to be tested on a simple quality like ABILITY. Similar to these tests, 1 rep maxes can and will get better with practice, but you must focus on basics before jumping ahead on yourself. Don't allow what is hard now, affect what you can do in the future with us at CrossFit Contour. Failure is inevitable. Expecting to travel through this jounrey we call "life" without any bumps or bruises will just set you up for disappointment later down the road. Ask yourself what you are willing to do to get better, and tackle it! Don't worry about finishing first, or with most weight. Focus on accessories and progression, you will find yourself feeling better about your training session doing so. Avoiding failure will just keep you from gaining an better understanding of you abilites and wants with us in the gym. Dare to fail and find a way! Failure is just our life fertilizer.


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