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My Paleo, or Kind-eo? What works for You.


Paleo isn't just eating "like a caveman", it's much more than that! Paleo is prepping your meals, getting correct minerals and variation of your foods this requires proper exercise, self-motivation. Yiou simply just have to make it work for "you". Now let's talk paleo! Once you go paleo, this doesn't mean you can't splurge every once in awhile, just know your limit! You just have to be reasonable and make it work for you. Make it work in your family, your work-life and social activites. Stop makingn excuses or putting it on the back burner, if small steps is what it takes, then do that! Figure out whats going to keep you on track and stick with it. Here are some things which have hepled me starting out: 1. Clean the HOUSE of Sh**ty food. If you don't like what you see, compost it or donate it! 2. Pack Meals ahead of time. We all know when we are hungry, we want to eat the first thing we see. Have meals ready so you aren't tempted. 3. Get some snacks around the house. Buy things in bulk, go online that's your best bet! Always KEEP veggies and fruits around for that reason. 4. Make better choices for desserts. We all have sweet tooth(s). If you don't you are just simply WEIRD. Keeo dark cholocate locked and keyed for your late night desire if its a MUST. 5. TRY new recipies. The reason we normally go to restaurants is because they have variety and spice things up and make food exciting. Truth is their ingredients that "look and taste" so good are once of the most harmful chemicals put in body. If you have a CRAVE search for it, don't go out and let someone control your taste! Here are some guides/blogs/websites that have helped me thus far: -Diane Sanfilippo's Start Up Guide. -Primial Palate -Fed and Fit -Nom Nom Paleo -For Parents and Families look at Paleo Parents If you know me you know I get carried away and hard to stay on track, let me sum things up for you before I bounce! :) If you are looking to take thing jounrey serious and kick the sh**ty food out, CLEAN your kitchen up. Create healthy foods, store better options for you and your loved ones, pack meals ahead of time and hold yourself accountable. WRITE it down! Remember, don't beat yourself up about the times you don't eat STRICT paleo. Everyone's goal should consist of just a LONG QUALITY life, so llive it up, but choose practices that will help reach your 100yr mark ;).Enjoy the special moments such as weddings, graduations, outtings, etc. so you can not only keep your body healthy, but also that mind of yours. Last thing, EXERCIS you only have this one body, treat it right damn it!

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