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30 Day Challenge Update


Monday is the day! Whooooooo Weeeeee. Starting Monday we will be starting out Paleo-ish and 30 Day Alcohol FREE Challenge. I DARE you, it's just 30 days! We will be celebrating our 30 days or craziness with a PARTY. Dancing, Drinks and FOOD! I am thinking May 9th or weekend after to have our FIRST Adult Prom. I will give more details later :) As for the Challenge here are the rules: 1. You must have a Before Consultaion and CONFIRM with me you are in it! This will get you "Free Addmission for you and your date at Prom! 2. Before Consulation will include following: -Before Picture -Body Fat Assesment -Before WOD 3. Pre-WOD is the lovely 15.5 27-21-15-9 of Calorie Row and Thrusters 4. NO ALCOHOL! I dare you. I will let you to ONE WEEKEND NIGHT that's it. One NIGHT the whole 30 days. 5. Must Follow Diet Plan and Restrictions (you will recieve 30 day packet). 6. Feedback on our Blog's once a week with questions, comments! 7. One SHARED recipe emails to Katelyne every Friday so I can share with the rest of the clan. 8. Track your meals whichever way easier for you! I will checking emails nightly, if you chose to share your meals and wants feed back PLEASE email me so I can help! 9. Must make appt with me at end of 30 Days to do your AFTER Assesment. No sooner than May 6 or later than May 8th. 10. HAVE FUN, GET BETTER & LET'S DO THIS!

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