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Squat Therapy


Looking to improve your squat? For most of the gym's population, you are coming in to the gym either straight from where you sat behind a desk for hours on end. Your hip flexors are tight so you chose to get on the foam roller for .5 of second and do a couple quad exercises and then jump right into our warm up or go grab a bar. FREEZE! Come in early to class and spend some times opening up your hips to get yourself into a good squat position. I know, mobilizing might take some time amd more than often, it tends to be a bit "boring". PLEASE please take the time before class so you aren't out of the gym due to a hip flexor or pulled hamstring injury! I have copyed some links and exercises that are great for a pre-pre warm up. If you barely warm up or haven't done our skills before class please incorporate these three drills into your squat warm up :) **Russian Baby Makers: Simple Air Squat. Hands placed inside of your ankles your hip should be high, drive your chest through your thighs and when down in bottom position give yourself a pause and widen your hips by putting pressure from your elbows placed inside of your knee! **Hawainn Squat Drill: Good for Hip Rotation and stretch in glutes. Seated position and place one leg in indian style across other leg. Walk heal into body and rotate other leg (crossed leg) downwards to the ground. Switch and do same on other side. **Rack Assisted Therapy: Great way to warm up if you are having probelm with upright chest and straight back. Position yourself as close to squat rack as you can and use the post of squat rack and fall into deep squat while focusing on chest staying upright. Your arms should be help above and overhead with a tight midline and pull yourself to bottom of your heals.

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