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Make it a HABIT.

Here are three habits that are a must for those of you who are looking to increase strength or be an over all better lifter. 1. Movement Quality vs. Chasing PR's As I stated in a previous blog, PATIENCE is KEY! Too often beginner will chase and chase after PR until their progress starts to become to a halt. This can happen as a result of poor movement quality. Novice athletes tend to progress rapidly at first just by getting strong, but progress will then be short lived and/or may plateau. When an athlets strength potention is reached, the athlete then NEEDS to do what they should have done from the BEGINNING, take a step back and look at movement quality. 2. Training vs. Expressing Strength Quit just chasing PR's and work on accessory movements to help gain strength within. Expressing strength doesn't mean you max out twice a week or incorporate new PR's every WOD. We will be focusing on more technique style of lifting these next two months to help us lead up to our taining max. Even the highest level of athletes will admit that they might only max our every 8 weeks and leave the compeitions or "specific" says for those Max weights. For example, Kendrick Farris, how often do you feel he "maxes out". Truth is, NOT VERY OFTEN. To be honest, he has shared in videos and documents that he spend majority of his time just doing higher reps of back squats and snatches in sets of 3s or 5s. 3. Work on your Weaknesses Focus on the weaker parts of your body! Find where you need to improve on and develop ways to make those weakness your strength. Really, You are only as strong as your weakest lift!


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