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Smelly Knee Sleeves?


Phewww!! Yup, it's problem I suffer with personally. Wrist Wraps and Knees sleeves are essential, but when your fragrence is taken over from the smeall coming from your sleeves and wraps, well there's your sign! If you have experienced this and simply, "washing" them just makes them worst, try one or the other :) Method One: Boil Your Sleeves *Boil your knee sleeves in a pot of hot water for about 5 minutes. *Remove from the heat.

*Add small amount of dish soup to your sweaty broth *Allow sleeves to cool in the pot. *Rinse sleeves off and allow them to AIR dry. Method Two: Hot Water and Vinegar Before Wash *Heat up a large pot of water. *Add 2 to 4 oz of distilled white vinegar. *Add your sleeve and allow them to soak for at least 10 mins. *Add sleves to normal load of laundry with chlorine-free detergent. *Allow sleeves to Air Dry.

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