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Case of "Mondays"


Why do weekends have to go so fast!? Today I have already had a major case of "Monday". I decided to reverse these Monday Curse and finish this day to best of my ability, I challenge you to do the same! Although many of you are not looking forward to today's WOD, you MUST and I encourage you to try and look forward and appreciate the clean slate "Mondays" give us. For some reason, it tends to be hard to make lifestyle changes, say Wednesday? I think it is because we are waist deep in other activities and throwing changes in routine just seems stressful. Trying to make changes on a Thursday? Nope that doesn't work either, because it's almost Friday! THe weekends? Yea right! We all know how that goes, that's why we should CELEBRATE Monday's, not hate them. It's a chance to be great and commit to your health and fitness! No one is perfect or has the perfect diet, but the sunsets and rises for a reason, a FRESH Start. There's no excuse now, it's a NEW day. I thank God, he made Mondays just for that reason. So here are a couple steps you can take to make sure you guys best out of this week: 1.Reasses last week. What do you want to make different? 2. Plan for the Day. Don't get caught up eating someone quick, because you are too busy to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner. 3. Practice the art of FREEDOM. Commit to a workout that you find joy out of, dont do so because you feel you "have to".

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