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Train with Coach Katelyne Summer '15

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Hey guys, I know this completely random and maybe irrelevant to a few of you. However, I have been asked by a few of you about personal sessions and personal programs to help you further Crossfit experience. As you may know, my life is CRAZY at the moment and has enabled me to have an extra 5hrs in the day to help all of you privately! I have a few hours here and there, but with my schedule this summer is it is going to be pretty hectic. If you want to set up a person session (training session) with me I will make myself available, however this is an extra service in our gym. If you are wondering about those rates please ask me! There are about 8 of you who have personally asked for program, training, tips, etc. and it BREAKS my heart that I cannot cut out enough time for all of you daily/biweekly. Come August I will be taking on more “training” clients! With that being said, I have been thinking more and more, “how can I reach many in such little time?!” Hear me out! If you do not know Jacob, he is my very (handsome haha) talented boyfriend, who has a passion for this sport of fitness, we all call CrossFit. He and I are working very hard behind the curtains are trying to set up online virtual training, exercise program, fitness blogs and fitness apparel/equipment. This will be available to anyone across the country, but for you all at a discounted price if you choose! We are in the process of brainstorming, talking to website designers and building our resume, etc. I have currently received my Nutrition Specialist Certification through American Counsel Exercise a national accredited fitness organization and continuing my education with masters of exercise science and hopefully double dip a little and become a Lecturer/Professor of Exercise Science (before I’m 40 that is)! We want to give everyone the help and attention they deserve we have just came to the realization there are not enough hours and bodies for us to accommodate people who have come in contact with us, near and far! SO I have a proposal. I am currently in the process of designing a PROGRAM for myself, yes I know SELFISH right? To be honest, I have NEVER programmed for myself a day, by day program to follow, have only done so for clients and our crossfit program. I came to the end of the road with my training and realized that I want more out of crossfit, I want the ENTIRE package! I want the nutrition, I want the strength, I want mobility/flexibility, etc. SO I have been designing a program for myself for the next 30 days, and will continue to do so for the next 90. (right now have 30 days ahead of me planned, the follow to come). I have designed a program that implements mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance & recovery all based off my % max lifts. I hope this will help me to develop into a stronger women physically and mentally! I am excited to see where I am in 3 months from now, I am confident that if I put in the work, I will be very happy with my results. So why am I sharing this with you!? With competitions coming up, summer creeping in and people becoming more in-depth in their health and fitness. Jake and I have spoken and we want to do a little “trial” run with this whole program design with using my own personal goals, workouts, nutrition, etc as a template. I am extended this to anyone interested at a CHEAP price. Once we come full circle with the website and administrative aspects we will offer it 100% online fitness program and at certain price structure. My 30 day program includes: -30 days of accessory movements, strength workouts, metacon exercises, mobility and flexibility. -30 days of Yoga Subscription Access -Supplements and Nutrition Resource from Morning to Night -Grocery Shopping List -Daily Blogs Starting next Sunday I am going to let this go viral, it’s going to be set up like a “train with the pro’s” program, only difference is, well I am NO WHERE near a professional CrossFit Athlete , but am considered a Fitness Professional with my expertise and knowledge put into my schooling, continuing education and certifications for the past 8 years I have worked in this industry, I am confident to say what Jake and I are working towards will be 110% effective. THE ONLY reason I am offering my “2015 Summer Program” to you is because I have had people ask, “What works for you?” “What are you eating?” “What should I do if I want to improve my strength?” These will all be covered in my program. Remember this isn’t a personalized program or a physical one on one training program, only thing personalize would be the specific weights you use for workouts (hence the program is designed on % max), and this training is to do so on your own or with someone following along! If you think this is summer you would like to do this summer, let me know! Here is a break down: For $30 you get 30 Days of: Online Yoga/Mobility Videos

Access (specific ones for specific day) Daily Workouts (accessory movements, mobility, strength, endurance) Daily Blog Posts (where you can leave comments and results) Leaderboard posted in the gym and personal tracking ONLINE Nutritional Seminar Handout every Wednesday Grocery Shopping List and Menu Plan (Every two weeks) Before and After Picture and Composition Tests Sunday May 31st I will be meeting with anyone who is interested & wants to kick off this summer with me. 7pm at CrossFit Contour be there :)

**remember this is a program designed for myself based of my goals for this summer. If you are wanting to build strength, improve flexibility/mobility and hold yourself accountable. Then you are welcome to join me! For now this is all done on your own, I supply the following and it’s up to you to put in the work. I am excited to see how this goes and would love any feedback we can have. Jake and I are excited to add online training and a fitness line to our resume but will take time and might make mistakes along the way, we can only do so by starting somewhere, so here’s a start. Let me know if you are interested. I will be start June 1st! J Hopefully by August Jake and I will have it set up where you can get personalized fitness programs online with all the additives included! Be patient, and help us by sharing with things you would like to have to your 100% online access training.

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