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June 19, 2015


The following are lists of compititions and challenges here in the near future that we will be participating in :)

1. June 26th mini Friday Field-Day (6am, 9:30am, 4pm)
2. Always Competing Online Function Fitness Competition
When- July 27th
Where- Online

Division Information

The "RX" division is for intermediate to advanced athletes. The prescribed weights for barbell movements will be manageable for intermediates, while advanced athletes can challenge themselves to string together longer sets. Male and female athletes should be comfortable doing pull ups in a workout. If included, advanced movements like muscle ups or handstand pushups will be toward the end of a workout so that intermediate athletes can still post a score.

Division Information

To participate in the "SCALED" division, athletes should be familiar with common exercise movements, including the Olympic lifts. The prescribed weights for barbell movements will be lighter than in the "RX" division. Movements will not include pull ups, double unders, handstand pushups, etc.

Competition Format

This online functional fitness competition is comprised of four workouts to be completed over three weeks. Athletes may complete the workouts at any location, on their own schedule, in any order they choose. Athletes may repeat the workouts as many times as they want. Only the best score for each workout counts.


First place wins a $50 cash prize! Before receiving prize money, the winning athlete must provide a video of all workouts adhering to the specified standards.

The top three overall athletes win Always Competing t-shirts with no video submissions required.

3. CrossFit Contour vs. T.A.D CrossFit Competition
***More Detail to come

When- August 22 2015
Where-CrossFit Contour
Divisions- RX Male and Female
Team Division (2 person)

***Sand Volleyball League at The Fieldhouse looking for people interested on being on our CFC team :)


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