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Reflect and Rejoice

After years of training in the Sport of CrossFit (or any sport for that matter), it is very common for all of us to fall into temporary ruts. Everyone goes through struggles and it’s easy to allow negative thoughts to creep into our heads and at times they can manipulate us into believing that we are not getting better. These “ruts” can be extremely frustrating and can prevent us from further progress in our sport. Sometimes it’s easy to forget where or why we started on this journey in the first place.

When I think back to my life B.C. (Before CrossFit), I’m reminded of strenuous long runs, endless sit ups and thousands of boring hours on an elliptical machine. In those days I thought muscle was only meant for men and I had a constant focus on trying to get “skinny”. It’s good for all of us, in our times of struggle, to take some time to look back to these years and our beginnings in this sport and reflect on how far we’ve actually come. It’s good to recall the initial goals we set for ourselves and see how much we have evolved. Realizing that we have all grown substantially over the years both mentally and physically allows us to appreciate our past while giving us motivation for the future.

Reflect and Appreciate Your Fitness Success!

It’s time to reflect on your journey. Thinking back to our first days in a CrossFit box will almost surely provide a renewed appreciation for the progress you have made up to this point. It’s positive affirmation that you are headed in the right direction and great motivation to get back on track toward your new goals. Grab any training log (new or old), journals, CrossFit pictures or PR videos that you might have kept over the years. If you don’t currently keep a training log, I highly suggest you start. It is a great way to keep track of your progress.

Go to the very beginning of that journal and take a look at some of the first workouts or lifts that you completed. It’s very likely that some of these things that you used to struggle with are no longer challenges for you. Remember the highs and lows of each day you walk into the gym. It is important for you to remember that not every single day is going to be filled with PRs and sometimes your body won’t be able to perform at 100%. But, each day you walk into the gym and continue to work is serving as a building block towards your future successes. Even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time the frustrating days are just as important as the great days.

If you have pictures and videos, these are always great training tools. Watch these and critique how your body and technique has changed. Remember how hard you have worked over the years and give yourself credit for what you have accomplished thus far! If you have fallen off track and wish to get back to where you once were, use these old videos, pictures or training journals as proof that you can achieve your goals. Relive these moments, connect with your past and let it help you fuel your motivation for the future.

Why Did You Commit to Investing in Your Fitness?

As yourself this question, as we all came to CrossFit for one reason or another. Maybe a friend dragged you in one day and told you to try it out. Maybe your old fitness routine left you wanting more. You might have been bored jogging miles upon miles a day or maybe you just joined on a whim one day. Whatever brought you into a CrossFit gym for the first time, try to recall that moment. This is a pivotal moment in your journey as a fitness enthusiasts. This is the moment you decided that you wanted to change. This is the moment you decided you wanted more for yourself and you were willing to invest in your health and wellness. Celebrate this moment and be proud that you care enough about your health to make this decision and change your life.

Write Down One of Your Most Memorable Achievements

Whether it’s getting your first strict pull-up, picking up more weight than you ever thought possible, hitting a weight loss goal, or running your first mile, these past achievements and the emotions they produced are things we need to remember. Close your eyes and relive these moments. Take note of any feelings you had and write them down.

Realize the importance of these fitness breakthroughs!

Hard work DOES indeed pay off and these milestones in your journey are great reminders of that. Have faith that there are more milestones to come!

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