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Beach WOD Winners & #sweatyselfie contest July 1-August 1st.

This past Friday's Beach WOD Winners :) 1st Place- Katie Simko and Emily Hendrickson 2nd Place- Kim and Kendal 3rd Place- Courtney and Amanda Make sure you guys get your winnings this week! Our MVP's for the three classes were: 5:45am (Dillon and Olivia) 9:30am (Adam and Jason) 4:30am (Katie Hallowell) Great Job Guys. Also starting July 1st we will be starting a little fun competition for the month of July! #summersweatyselfie Challenge :) I LOVE following your journey with us at CrossFit Contour and look forward to scrolling through our social media feeds to see your all's results. Don't be afraid to take your selfie outside, inside the gym, or on top of the empire state building! They are so fun to look back on to remember a specific place in time or workout! Track your progress for the next 30 days, you never know it might create a fun conversation with whoever "catches" you taking selfie, hehe! So here's the challenge: Starting July 1st, the next time you are about to pop that skinny arm, or apply a photo filter, just SMILE and take a photo of your true, badass and happy self. Tag it #crossfitcontoursweatyselfie and mention on of Instagram or Facebook. Let everyone see the real you & hard training you put in day in and day out. The winner will be announce every Wednesday evening for the next 4 weeks (again starting on the 1st). A different winner will be awarded each week! Show pride in your body, your gym & your EFFORTS. LET' GO!! The rules are as followed: 1. Each Participant must be a current athlete with us at CrossFit Contour (drop in members no eligible) 2. Must follow CrossFit Contour on either Facebook or Instagram 3. Come to any classes that we have on schedule. 5. One selfie being "active" a day must be posted to be eligible for being a winner at the end of the week. 6. Selfie must demonstrate being "active" that specific day. 7. Post your "selfie" on Instagram or Facebook mentioning @crossfitcontour and including the following hashtags #crossfitcontoursweatyselfie or tag us on Facebook @crossfitcontour 8. Limit one selfie per workout/day 9. Selfie most be posted on social media no less than 24 hours from workout. 10. KEEP IT CLEAN 11. HAVE FUN WITH IT :) Each week I will post a #sweatyselfie winner accounted by the number of likes the picture gets :) Be creative a show us what hard work looks like! ---Winner's each week will receive a free CrossFit Contour SWEAT rag!

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