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CrossFit Contour Hosting Festivus Games

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ABOUT On October 17th, 2015 Novice, Intermediate and Masters athletes from across the country and various parts of the world will compete, all on the same day, in this one-day event. Each host will award the top three finishers in each division for both male and female classes. You can count on a feat of strength for sure! The first Festivus competition was held on April 30th, 2011. The concept was simple yet long overdue. Since novice and intermediates make up 95% of athletes it made sense to have a competition designed only for them. No fire-breather types allowed! At Festivus Games it’s not necessary to scale the events. No athlete, whether six months in or brand new, will need to scale any of the events. The competition is about capacity more than a high degree of skill. Everyone can row…just how fast? Everyone can deadlift..just how much? Since the first competition with about 70 athletes Festivus Games has grown to over 8,000 Athletes at our last event – April 18th, 2015! When you compete in the Festivus Games you can expect to be challenged but you can also expect to have a lot of fun! With our Novice class Festivus Games really is the perfect venue for your first functional-fitness competition. Our Intermediate class will provide enough challenge for all but the best of the best athletes so Festivus Games can be your competition of choice for years! And all new is the Masters 45+ division which we’re excited to offer. HURRY & register, we only have 60 spots available already! Athlete registration page. register-2015-04/? paramHostNumber=0403 Athletes pay $55 for registration currently through July 31st. If they want an official event shirt they can choose this during checkout and it’ll add $10. We make no profit on the shirts as we have chosen, again, a super quality Next Level brand for both men and women AND we are having the shirts delivered directly to the Athlete rather than bulk shipping them to Hosts for handing out the day of the event. A reason to register early is on August 1st the registration fee will go to $65. On September 1st it’ll go to $75 and on October 1st it’ll go to $85 (with shirts always adding another $10). Spread the word – get your Athletes registered early! FESTIVUS DIVISIONS

Festivus Games is the first worldwide competition designed for the novice and intermediate athlete. Determining exactly where to draw a line between novice and intermediate is a tricky task at best, but we have come up with a line nonetheless. Remember, these are not absolutes. Just guidelines. If you match up with a majority of any of these choose that category.


If at least four of these six guidelines are true for you then we suggest you go Novice. Otherwise we suggest you go Intermediate.

  • Unassisted pull ups less than 5/2 (Male/Female)

  • 1-rep max deadlift is less than 300/225 (Male/Female)

  • Mile run is over 10 minutes

  • 2000-meter row is over 8 minutes (Male) or 9 minutes (Female)

  • You have no clue what your Fran time is

  • You’ve been Crossfitting less than six months


Brand new for our October 17, 2015 event is a male and female Masters 45+ division! As a Masters Athlete you will use the same loads and movements as the Novice Athletes, however, if you will be 45 or older by anytime in October, 2015, you can register as a Masters Athlete and you will only be competing against others who are 45 and older.

If you are 45+ and you still compete as an Rx Athlete elsewhere you are over qualified for Festivus Games. If you qualified for the Crossfit Masters invite after finishing this year’s Open you are over qualified as well.


This competition is designed for athletes who are new to competitions or who, for any number of reasons, are not at the Rx level or higher. The goal is to promote a friendly, yet competitive environment for those who wish to challenge themselves. This is not designed for fire-breather level athletes. You are probably over qualified for The Festivus Games if you have bench marks equal to or better than:

  • You cannot compete as a Novice if you placed 1st at your Host as a Novice. Compete as an Intermediate if you won the Novice class at your Host last time.

  • If you won 1st place as an Intermediate at your Host – congratulations! But you cannot compete in Festivus Games again. You’ve outgrown us.

  • You compete in the Crossfit Open and Rx every WOD as an Athlete under age 40

  • 5:00 min Fran

  • 1-rep max deadlift 500/300 (Male/Female)

  • 4:00 min Grace

  • 275/185 C+J

  • 25:00 Kelly

  • 15+ rounds of Cindy

  • 2000-meter row less than 6:30-minutes (Male) 7:30-minutes (Female)

or you have competed in such events as CrossFit Regionals, Beast of The East, Garage Games, Fire Breather competitions, and any other elite level competitions. Please let those with less experience enjoy the spirit of The Festivus Games and display their own FEATS OF STRENGTH!

Workouts WOD 1 - Delt-a -Force

  • Part 1

0:00-6:00 Buy in - Row 20 calories

AMRAP Intermediate: 3 wall walks + 6 pull-ups Novice & Masters: 5 shoulder to overhead + 10 ring rows (85lb Male Novice/Masters, 55lb Female Novice/Masters)

6:00-8:00 Rest

Part 2

8:00-9:00 Max calories in 1 minute row


Part 1 begins with a 20-calorie row buy in. On 3-2-1 "Go" from the head judge Athletes will then grab the handle and begin rowing. The Athlete may not have their hands on the handle prior to "Go." The Athlete must row until 20 calories are achieved and they must not let go of the handle until the monitor says 20 calories. Intermediates After the buy in Intermediate Athletes will begin their wall walks. Wall walks begin with the Athlete face down, feet flat against the wall, palms flat on floor (like a push up), and the entire front of body and nose touching the ground. As the Athlete pushes up they will kick up onto the wall and begin walking their hands toward the wall as their feet walk up the wall. The Athlete must touch their nose to the wall. After touching the nose the Athlete will walk their hands away from the wall with both hands being at least 24 inches away from the wall before the feet drop to the floor. A tape will be placed at 24 inches away from the wall for a clear mark to cross. Athletes will perform 3 repetitions before moving on. After Intermediate Athletes have completed 3 repetitions of wall walks they will begin pull ups. Athletes may perform strict, kipping or butterfly pull ups. Hands may be either both palms facing away or in switch-grip position (one palm facing away and one palm facing toward) but hands may not be with both palms facing toward (chin up position). Pull ups begin with the Athlete in full arm extension and feet not touching any support. The chin must go above the bar before descending to full arm extension. If the chin doesn't go above the bar, or the feet touch any support, or the arms aren't fully extended in the down position the Athlete will be called for no rep. Athletes will perform 6 repetitions before cycling back to wall walks. Repetitions do not have to be unbroken. Intermediate Athletes will complete as many rounds and reps as possible of wall walks and pull ups until the 6-minute mark.

Novice & Masters

After the buy in Novice & Masters Athletes will begin their shoulder to overheads. The pre-loaded bar starts on the floor. The Athlete must pick the bar up and get it to the upper chest/collar position. The Athlete may strict press, push press or jerk to get the bar above the head, arms fully extended, with head/ears pushed anterior to extended arms. The bar only needs to be lowered to the upper chest/collar for successive reps. Athletes will perform 5 repetitions before continuing on.

After Novice & Masters Athletes have performed 5 shoulder to overhead they will begin ring rows. Rings will have been pre-adjusted so the bottom of the ring is 40 inches from the floor. A piece of tape will be on the floor directly below the rings. The Athlete will begin with toes on the tape and gripping the rings. The Athlete will bend their knees and lean back without their feet moving. The Athlete is in proper position to start reps when the toes are up, heels are only part of foot touching the ground and the body is a straight line from ankle to neck with arms fully extended. Without kipping or losing the rigid body position the Athlete will pull their chest toward the rings. A rep is complete when the hands break the plane of the chest. Athletes will complete 10 ring rows before cycling back to shoulder to overheads. Athletes will be no repped for not having toes on tape to start, for not having heels only part of foot on ground during reps, for losing a rigid, straight-line body position at any part of the rep, for not pulling until hands pass the plane of the chest or for not achieving full arm extension. * We know ring rows have never been standardized before and we know that very tall Athletes compared to very short Athletes will be at a slight disadvantage. And so it goes with Crossfit-style movements. Other movements also give taller Athletes or heavier Athletes or lighter Athletes or shorter Athletes an advantage. Novice & Masters Athletes will complete as many rounds and reps as possible of shoulder to overhead and ring rows until the 6-minute mark.

Part 2 - All Athletes

In minutes 6:00-8:00 Athletes will rest. This won't allow for total recovery but enough so Athletes can get set up on the rower again and be ready and able, beginning at minute 8:00 to go all out rowing for 1 minute. On "Go" from the head judge Athletes will then grab the handle and begin rowing. The Athlete may not have their hands on the handle prior to "Go." The Athlete must row for 1 minute and they must not let go of the handle until the head judge calls time.

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